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If you’ve decided you want to buy one of the new Kia cars in our extensive inventory, you might be wondering how you should pay for it. If you don’t plan to pay for the vehicle you like in full up front, you’ll have to take out a car loan. Luckily, we can help you secure the financing you need to buy your favorite Kia automobile.

Even if you prefer one of the Kia models in our pre-owned car inventory, we can still help you get financed. Visit our convenient location to find a previously owned Kia car you’ll love today!

Our Finance Department

Having been Kia dealers serving Richmond, IN for a while, we can assure you that the financing process is the same regardless of whether you decide to buy a new Kia car or a pre-owned automobile. To start, we’ll ask you to fill out an application for financing. We’ll then talk to you about your financial situation, how much you can afford to pay every month, and how long you want your loan to last.

Once we’re familiar with your situation, we’ll present your application to our trusted lenders and explain what you’re looking for to them. After we talk to our lenders, we’ll present the financing options that are available to you.

If you’re ready to get started, submit an application to our Kia finance center near Marion, IN now.

About Car Loans

Many drivers, particularly those who’ve never purchased a car before, have plenty of questions about car loans when they visit our Muncie, IN Kia dealership. The thing that a lot of people are curious about is interest. A car loan’s interest rate is expressed as an annual percentage rate. Even if it’s zero percent, every car loan has an APR. If your interest rate is greater than zero percent, a portion of every loan payment you make will cover the interest on your loan and the rest will be applied toward the principle you borrowed.

To learn more about our financing process or car loans in general, visit Kia of Muncie today.